As the tale goes, the hobos of the Great Depression used to spend excruciatingly long hours, or even days, about trains moving from one place to another. They would bide their time by carving their signature imagery into the famed "Buffalo Nickels", turning them into exclusive works of art to be traded, and more importantly, recognized for their craftsmanship and prestige within this subculture. The Hobo Nickel originators are now famed for creating, not just a modified coin, but an exclusive, sculpted work of art. If you held one of these coins, it was your key to the underground.

The Grifters coins are imagined reality based on the legacy of the Hobo Nickels of the early 1900s. With an antique style, patina-silver finish, the Grifters have been handworn in the Murphy's manufacturing lab to reduce 'talking' and increase the glide that many top coin men cherish. Grifters have a fine-milled edge for stable gripping and have been shaped and weight matched to the specifications of a US Kennedy Half Dollar so that most coin workers can be immediately familiar.

- Antique silver-patina finish
- Finely milled edges for best handling and noise reduction
- Hand-worn surface for smoothness and glide
- Scuff and scratch resistant, built for toughness
- Matched weight and dimensions of a Kennedy Half Dollar

Included with the package are seven classic beginning coin effects and several handling techniques that are perfect for taking your first step into coin magic.

Grifters are your tokens of access to a hidden world and accepted by only those who know... "Fallaces sunt rerum species".


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jeremiah Walls (Hartland, US)
It's pretty cool

It is really cool I love the texture and the look of it, and it is great for coin magic it feels great. And I actually found out when you flip the coin it will land on the same side like 10 times in a row (most of the time). But over all great coin.

Cool! Thanks Jeremiah

Aaron Jay (Moncks Corner, US)
Great Coin

Great coin to keep in my wallet for on the fly tricks. Light weight and doesn't give hands that metal smell like with regular quarters and such

Sweet! thanks Aaron

Aiden McGuire (Saint George, US)
Grifters are great...

The coin is amazing for magic, and you can even sand it down. But other than that, it's not drop resistant and the head's side is more bulky than the tail's side. Coin is pretty wide. Amazing coin for beginners to start with!

Sweet! Thanks for the awesome review Aiden

Hillary Bennett (Jenkintown, US)
Fantastic handling and great look!

Great coin. The story behind it is one of the main reasons I picked one up, but the tricks that come with it are a bonus I didn’t realize I signed up for because I wasn’t paying attention, so thanks for having my back when I drop the ball 52Kards!
Honestly, the hobo nickel story should be reason enough to buy one, but if that doesn’t get you, then how it handles absolutely should! Pick one up, you won’t regret it!

Eddie Mukai (Glendale, US)
Grifter Coins were excellent at a fair price

52 Kards for many products and lessons. I’m glad I found them and will certainly use their resources!

Welcome aboard Eddie, come on back any time.

lucius pegan (Central Point, US)
Great coin and great size

It's hard to find good coins to sleeve with but the size of these coin are perfect for it and the design tells a fascinating story to the coin and just al around a fun coin to use.

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