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Jaxon Bennion (Salt Lake City, US)
Incredible beginner set

I’ve only had these for a couple days now and I cannot put them down, so many fun routines to do and they’re all fairly simple and easy to do. Overall I think this is the perfect choice for any person looking to pickup the cups and balls!

Andrew Jiron (Omaha, US)
Good cups, bad chops

The cups are fair quality, and the balls are too. I was very disappointed with the magnets. Mine did not attract enough to hold the ball at more than a 45 degree angle. Definitely do not buy this for a chop cup routine, but if you just want some nice cups, this is perfect for you.

ecrofefil (Hagerstown, US)
Solid Set, Not as Pictured

This is a solid set of cups and balls. I really like the personal touch with the hand knitted balls. The cups are a good size and are metal of a sturdy thickness, but the picture shows them having the ball indentations in the top (so you can set the ball on top and it won't roll off) but the set (which comes in a pre-packaged nondescript white box with a picture and label reading, "Combo Cups & Balls AL" and sporting a logo for 'Premium Magic') comes with cups with flat tops. It seems like a bit of a cheap-out to me. I was excited about the set when I ordered it, but having it in hand, I am rather disappointed. Can I do the whole steal/load routine with them - sure. But I cannot easily include any top balancing along the way. Nice try, but missed the mark this time. It's a great flat-top economy cup/ball set, if that's what you are looking for. But if you expect to get what is pictured, prepare for disappointment.

Hunter Phay (New York, US)

Very good set, handles well

Efrain Martinez (Goshen, US)


Nicholas U (Tønsberg, NO)
Cups and Balls

Everything was fucking good.