3 Way Practicing Mirror


Sean Yang’s 3 way mirror is not only a mirror, but also a portable close-up mat! It is made of high quality safety mirror which weighs only 240 grams. It is light, thin, easy to carry and most importantly shatterproof. Not only it has all the benefits of the old 3-way mirrors, it is now indestructible and lighter than ever.

After being folded, its size becomes as small as an A4 paper, so you can easily carry it in any bag or briefcase. The velvet backing not only looks elegant, but it can also act as a close-up mat. It is multi-functional and definitely worth every single penny. If you are in love with close-up magic, and always desire to practice anytime, anywhere, Sean Yang’s 3-way mirror will be your best choice.    

* Due to the manufacturing process, the velvet cloth may harbor some odor of adhesive. It will go away after a few days of using it, so please don’t be worried. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Jimmy Payne II (Los Angeles, US)

Having great time with my new mirror

David (Cleveland, US)
Useful mirror

The mirror works great and is a must-have for practicing tricks. Just wish it cost a little less. But I'm satisfied with the quality.

Gina (Norwalk, US)
Great mirror

The mirror is awesome because I can check all my angles and also it’s easily foldable and light which makes it great for travel.

David Noshay (Milwaukee, US)
Great all around

Perfect combination of light weight, easy to carry and features...mirror is NOT glass, but perfect for what it was designed for...it will also not crack. Love that it has close-up pad material on the other side, so can use it that way as well. Honestly, I made my own years ago...let's just say that didn't end well :). I highly recommend this one!

Andrew Gonzalez (Atlanta, US)
Good for traveling!

As someone who travels a lot, this is a great way to practice on the go.


This item is awesome for practice. Great quality. Nice optionaly use as close up pad, but fi d best in combination with stand alone close up pad.

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