Close Up Pad


 Size: 16" x 11 "

A diverse line of Close-Up Pads containing a non-slip back, a high-quality fabric top and a high-quality inner-cushion. These pads are extremely affordable and will last you years. 

  • Acid-dyed fabric top
  • Non-slip back
  • Dense inner cushion
  • Brilliant colors will not run or fade
  • Easy to clean
  • Won't crease or tear

This Economy versions is the thinnest option we have available, but still provides a sufficient amount of cushion. The Standard Line of Close-Up Pads are everything but standard. These pads contain a thick, dense, high quality inner-cushion, non-slip rubber back, and a high quality fabric top. By all means a high quality, professional close-up pad with which you will be proud to perform.The Deluxe Line of Close-Up Pads contain the thickest, high-quality inner cushion on the market today. This extra thick cushion makes it super-easy to pick up coins, cards, or any other object you're using in your performance. Each Deluxe Pad includes a high quality non-skid rubber bottom, extra thick inner-cushion, and our signature high quality fabric top.

Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Gary L. Johnson III (Goose Creek, US)
First Card Mat

For my first mat, I love how this feels. I got the Large Black Deluxe option for space and visual simplicity. I'll admit the mat is a bit bigger than I anticipated which is great for when I have card spreads going on. (Go figure a first, somewhat impulse purchase was a tad uninformed and I should've tested the advertised measurements) I just have to settle for the mat being on my bed since I don't have available space on my desk at the moment. I love the give in the deluxe mat specifically for learning and practicing some moves I saw in a Jack Carpenter download. And the black material is my preference for the pop of white when cards are placed on it.

Eric Hungerford (Pasadena, US)
Great Value

The Deluxe Line of Close-Up Pads offers unparalleled quality with its brilliant, fade-resistant colors and a thick inner cushion that elevates any performance. Its non-slip back ensures stability during intricate maneuvers, though clearer differentiation from the Economy version would be beneficial. Overall, it's a top-tier choice for amateur and serious magicians alike.

Gina (Norwalk, US)
Great card mat

This card mat is nice and big so it’s really comfortable when doing spreads.

Jason Castillo (Kapolei, US)
Awesome card mat

What an awesome mat. I purchased the thickest version and the feel is absolutely perfect. Material on top of mat is so great. Make sure to cut your nails though as they will easily catch on the mat lol.

Samuel Lindsey (Tallahassee, US)

The pad was a great help in both practice and performances, and is just a good pad.

Robert Angell (Houston, US)
Pretty good

It doesn’t have as much give than I’m use to. But that may be good because I need to be on target with my fingers so I don’t get sloppy. So it makes for a good practice mat.

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