Changeling ODO


The ability to switch any bill, of any size, color, denomination, or material in the spectator's hand was set by the Original Changeling. 

Changeling ODO is leaps ahead of what was laid out before. Not only do all the fantastic traits of the original still stand strong, but now you have the ability to execute TWO visual changes. Oh! You can hand the final bill out without a switch as well. AND it is all contained in ONE space-saving gimmick, giving you more flexibility as to which bills you borrow from your spectator while performing! 

Need anything else? 

Did we mention that this gimmick now locks? Well it does! This means you can handle the bill more freely than before and be in total control of when you want to do a change! 

There are dozens of ways the gimmick can be handled, from the highly visual, to misdirected changes, to suit all styles of performers. 

As with the original, this is truly a gimmick you will want to carry with you everywhere! 

BONUS: Want a bonus? Who doesn't?! How about a copy of the original Changeling video as part of this project? Sure - we're nice like that. If you are one of the few who doesn't have the original, you can learn Marc's original routines and adapt them to the new gimmick. Or you could build an original Changeling gimmick to use in conjunction with ODO and create your own routines! If you DO have the original, then that's fine, it never hurts to have a refresher course! 

All currencies can be used. Bills of any color, size, material work. 

As an added bonus, Marc generously shares an accompanying ODO accessory that can allow ODO users to easily and visually complete up to SEVEN changes before handing out the final note for examination. 

"If I could have dreamt of an improvement to the original Changeling, this would've been it." 
- Ben Williams 

"I cant lie - I do love a good bill change. Changeling ODO thankfully falls into that catagory and I think it will be in my wallet permenantly." 
- Alan Rorrison 

"An audience favorite. Changeling is a huge hit always, with people from everywhere!" 
- Ning Cai 

"WOW! I love this! It fooled me big time the first time you showed to me ymf xxx" 
- Etienne Pradier 

"Such a great visual for something you can hand out instantly. So clean, I love it" 
- Tom Elderfield

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Eric Buzzard (Oklahoma City, US)
Good trick

This trick is really good but my only complaint is that the video instructions could be a little clearer

Rob Carreno (Cumming, US)
Very Disappointed with this purchase

The Download and gimmick are very poor. It would maybe be better if they showed you how to make the gimmick with American bills. The performances were not very either.

Irwin Jun Liang Ting (Christchurch, NZ)
Great change

One thing I don’t like is once we chose the note to use, we can’t change it. So if I make the gimmick with America’s notes, I can’t perform it using other notes. But still good change.

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