B'Wave DELUXE now includes a full instructional video from Max Maven himself, teaching for the first time EVER all his latest handling, scripting, and theories. The kit comes complete with MULTIPLE sets of gimmicks, so you can perform with Queens, Kings, or Jacks. Plus, you'll get blank cards as well as Jokers in case you want to use "normal" cards only.

"The best packet trick of the 20th century."
- Eugene Burger

Prediction of a thought-of Queen, with a three-phase revelation.

You bring out four face down cards and your spectator names one of the Queens. You then cleanly spread those four cards on the table. The only face up card is the chosen Queen. Then you turn it over and its back is a different color from the rest of the cards. As further proof that you already knew which Queen they would say, you turn over the rest of the cards and they are all completely blank.

  • Powerful effect with little setup
  • Three-phase construction builds to a dramatic conclusion
  • Takes up little space (1mm) in wallet, and can be with you at all times
  • Requires no sleight of hand
  • Can be performed as a mental demonstration (prediction) or as a magical effect
Even if you already own B'Wave, Max Maven now reveals "the stuff" that will make this effect even more miraculous!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
J.B. (Oakland, US)
Exactly As Promised

I'm giving this effect 5 stars not only because it is exactly as promised at a reasonable price, but for the variety of effects you can produce with the multiple sets of gimmicks. Well worth the price!

Larry Davis (Maple Grove, US)
Excellent to learn equivoque

Simple, strong effect. When paired with the right presentation guided by Max Maven this is a great way to start to understand equivoque. This set provides multiple options and backup sets so you can perform it for years.

Brian (Bell Gardens, US)
Genius effect

The value in this purchase is the teaching by Max Maven. Presentation is everything, and he teaches you how to execute a perfect presentation. I love performing this trick and the reactions are amazing. This set comes with extra gimmicks so you customize your performance and perform it more than once.

Oscar Murillo-Espinoza (Watsonville, US)
Great Packet Trick

This is a great packet trick with more effects you can do than just the original. Max Maven did a great job teaching.

Jorge (Jackson, US)
Bwave classic

I absolutely love this packet trick with a mentalism twist. The deluxe pack gives you multiple options to modify and make it your own. It is a great effect midway through routine, work as an opener, or stands alone as a single trick. Super easy, no sleights, and will add some bang to your repertoire!

One of the best packet tricks ever!!

Kaden Kleypas (New Waverly, US)

It is amazing effect and is very easy to learn.

Classic effect, taught by the great Max Maven.. thanks for your purchase Kaden.

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