Acrylic Playing Card Displays

We spend a lot of time and energy collecting our favorite cards and to understand the story behind each deck of playing cards. Why not build them a display stand they deserve with your own hands?

We both know "The Ikea effect", that is says when people buy and then construct products themselves, they develop an attachment or sense of pride to the object.

"The Ikea effect" leads people to value things that they assemble, customize or build themselves more highly than premade, finished goods.

We have also incorporated this into our product. After several trials and prototypes, TCC PRESENTS designed this display stand so that it packs flat and can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled.

You will receive a notebook-sized package and through simple assembly, transform it into a display stand dedicated to your playing card collection or gimmicked decks.

After assembly, the step design acts like a grandstand. You can clearly see and admire every deck of cards placed on it. Each slot accommodates a standard-sized deck of playing cards perfectly. This design also allows for an extremely convenient retrieval of your playing cards when you desire.

The Acrylic Playing Card Display Stand looks as if it is made of frosted glass, like the glass shoe from fairy tales. It is lightweight yet sturdy and will not shatter. The perfect companion for your playing card collection.

The Acrylic Playing Card Display Stand is constructed with interlocking pieces of acrylic. The edges are sanded and polished to a smooth finish. The pieces are fastened together with transparent acrylic screws, maintaining the fully translucent look when fully assembled. The frosted acrylic material is scratch-resistant for worry-free use.

  • A Philips head screwdriver is required for assembly.
  • Small acrylic display stand (fits 3 x 6=18 decks); dimensions (assembled): 22 x 15 x 12cm (~8.7 x 5.9 x 4.7 inches)
  • Large acrylic display stand (fits 4 x 10=40 decks); dimensions (assembled): 30 x 24 x 20cm (~11.8 x 9.5 x 7.9 inches)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sharon Juillerat (St Louis, US)
Card display

My review is similar to all the others. I bought this display as a gift, so I have yet to find out first hand just how easy/difficult it is to assemble. But as a gift, it would’ve been nice to have instructions included. Kind of a basic piece of customer service for an item that ships in pieces, in my opinion.

Zhiyuan Lin (Mississauga, CA)
Good display, but lack of instructions

The display looks good but it came with no instructions. Had to search on the web for them. Despite that, the display is of good quality.

David M. (Syracuse, US)
Acrylic Playing Card Display Stand - Small

This display stand will handsomely display up to 18 decks. The display stand is angled so you can see the boxes for a number of decks. Now that it's assembled and ready for show, it does a moderate job at holding cards. Now for the BIG disappointment: The display comes in a flat package - the acrylic is well protected during shipping and when you remove the protective film you are left with a bunch of acrylic pieces with no instructions for assembly! Luckily, it's not that hard to figure out the assembly by looking at the photos and injecting some common sense. The tabs of the main compartment do not slide into the back of the stand. After trying everything else, I glued the tabs to keep them in place. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase but there are a number of changes that I would make.

Timothy B. (Littleton, US)
Very Good But NO Instuctions

I ordered this because for a few years i've been doing card tricks and really wanted a display for my cards. The look and design of it is really cool and I haven't had any troubles with it. One thing that was a little frustrating is when I opened the package there were no instructions on how to build it. It even said on the website it comes with instructions. Luckily I figured it out by looking at the pics online and it didn't end up being that big of a deal. So if I had one problem with it, it was that. But other than that it works really well and is very sturdy. Also has a good look. So yah, I would recommend getting this if you want to cool card display.

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