Fanning Powder


Created to reduce friction between cards. Fanning Powder also can increase the life span of your cards not to mention give you beautiful fans as well. Apply a small amount of this Fanning Powder and even old, worn out decks will fan like new. Works great on new decks as well.       



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K.P. (Mumbai, IN)


jesus oranday (Taylor, US)
love it

I really love how smooth it makes my decks feels.

Max Hudson (Texarkana, US)
I think it’s great.

Most people here are missing the point they actually can keep your decks newer longer or somewhat protected yes you have to kind of work all the excess powder out but just don’t apply so much. Just a tad on a brand new deck made it darn near fan on its own lol.

Diogo Amorim (Torres Vedras, PT)
If you want a smooth deck this is the best thing you can buy!

I am amazed with the quality of one of my decks after trying this today!
I've received the package today and after spreading some powder on an old deck the Thumb Fans are now flawless!
Try it you wont regret!
PS: The Deck looks new now hahaha

Glad to hear you love it, thanks Diogo

Hillary Bennett (Jenkintown, US)
Exactly what I needed

I think it speaks for itself: it brings that zombie deck back to life. Only note is just be careful when you’re applying this stuff, the obvious stuff applies here: the powder is for cards, not your digestive system. I feel like that’s common sense, but in case you have little ones, or roommates who act more like primates on their best day, just make sure it’s out of their reach.
But apart from the common sense bit, this stuff is great, as advertised.

Thank you for your purchase and review.

Andrew Jiron (Omaha, US)

Perfect for freshening old decks and changing the feel of new decks.

You said it Andrew, thanks for the review.

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