Deck Shooter



Deck Shooter is inspired from the detachable magazines (in firearms). Users can eject a deck of cards out of the leather case with a neat dashing move. In addition, its fine look functions as a deck protector. What's more, our Deck Shooter can contain almost every deck size, no matter where the decks are made from -- Taiwan, Europe or America.

Deck Shooter is made with quality PU leather.

Not easy to crease, 100% handmade.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Lim (Port Orange, US)

Affordable, great quality, and both fun and easy to use. This is a must have for me whenever I leave the house. Definitely worth the purchase!

Samuel Melendez (New York, US)

I love that not only does it "shoot" the deck out, but also functions as a deck defender. The feel of the leather in your hands is wonderful, and it fits snugly in your pocket, whether it be dress slacks, or a pair of jeans. Just be careful not to put other items along with it, (e.g. keys, lighter, change), because you'll run the risk of scratching or gouging it. The only negative aspect? I would have preferred it in black, (my favorite color!), but the brown one works as well.

Hannes (Coburg, DE)
some great stuff

good quality and nice feeling

Sweet! Thanks Hannes

Andrew P (Provo, US)
Beats my Metal Clip

I prefer using this to carry my cards around during the day. It isn’t as heavy as my metal clip and it protects more of the deck box since it wraps all the way around.

Aaron Jay (Moncks Corner, US)
Must have for me

The deck shooter keeps my cards safe in my pocket and allows for a great exit. Definitely a must have for me

Glad to hear you're loving it!

PJ Walker (Spring, US)
Deck Shooter Syndrome

Although I don't have the Corona virus, I did recently acquire the Deck Shooter Syndrome. That's when you order one and think, "I'll probably send it back." You won't. The syndrome hits you almost immediately, and you can't put the darned thing down! It not only looks great to laymen (terrific for walk around), but it's fun to play with too! You'll soon be trying to see just how far you can shoot a deck, and still catch it:). Great and unique card product.

Sweet! Thanks for the review PJ

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