3 Way Practicing Mirror


Sean Yang’s 3 way mirror is not only a mirror, but also a portable close-up mat! It is made of high quality safety mirror which weighs only 240 grams. It is light, thin, easy to carry and most importantly shatterproof. Not only it has all the benefits of the old 3-way mirrors, it is now indestructible and lighter than ever.

After being folded, its size becomes as small as an A4 paper, so you can easily carry it in any bag or briefcase. The velvet backing not only looks elegant, but it can also act as a close-up mat. It is multi-functional and definitely worth every single penny. If you are in love with close-up magic, and always desire to practice anytime, anywhere, Sean Yang’s 3-way mirror will be your best choice.   


* Due to the manufacturing process, the velvet cloth may harbor some odor of adhesive. It will go away after a few days of using it, so please don’t be worried.


Customer Reviews

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Best Practicing Mirror Ever!!!

This is just the best thing that I have bought to practice with. This tool will help you perfect your angles, look for errors, and it is also a close up pad. The only thing is the smell, but it went away in like 4 days so no worries!

Great Product, could use some improvements.

I love this product in principle, as its compact (easily fits in my magicians bag), and doubles as a practice mirror / pad. That said, I wish the reflective surface was a slightly better quality. The "glass" has a lot of distortion to it. Additionally, I also wish the mirror had a "kickstand" feature, so that the viewing angle could be adjusted on differing size table heights.

So so...

I personally think this should worth like 10 bucks. It looks cheap. Let me talk about good stuff first. It is really portable. The glass is a shatter proof. Expandable size. And three way mirror.

Now the downsides. It really smells, it got me a head ache and I couldn't use it for like a week. The smell stays for a long time. I am not weak, I really thought that it wouldn't smell that bad but no. It does pick up some dust(not a huge problem). The glass gives me nausea. Because it is a shatter proof glass, it is plastic like material. A bendable glass. As you would know, when this kind of glass bends even a little bit or in a weird angle with you, it will make you dizzy. It does not have any cushion. This is a close up pad and supposed to make you able to practice table works or something else but no cushion. It is like you are practicing on a table with a thin cloth on.

I am very disappointed with this, glass part I can understand that but just over all, I don't like it. I like the three way mirror though.

3/way mirror

It's great I use it all the time.smelled for a couple of days but awesome

Handy piece of kit at a reasonable price

Am a newcomer to working with the decks, but you don't have to be a genius to work out the necessity of a "mirror" set up to check on the view a spectator would have of your dexterity and skill (or lack of!)
This is nicely made and extremely portable meaning it is going to be used as opposed to being left in a corner.
Not only that but Assad ensures delivery and ordering is hassle free and fast.
Top gear from a top operator.

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