Luxury playing cards with a mesmerizing illusion design


Motion Illusion

A mesmerizing illusion design that will play tricks with your mind... Stare at the card for a while and watch the design come to life as it sways back and forth with subtle movement.


Depth Illusion

At a tilted angle, the cards appear to have a three dimensional depth illusion where the design rises above the surface of the card to take the form of waves.  


Functional One-Way Design 

Waves features a subtle one-way design. This creates a low-key flipbook animation effect when the cards are shuffled in reverse directions and riffled. Magicians can also take advantage of the one-way design to secretly locate and track cards of interest.


Ultra Soft Card Stock

  • Printed by the renowned Cartamundi in Belgium with precise specifications and the highest quality standards possible. 
  • Premium FSC sourced 270 GSM black core SlimLine Card Stock which handle beautifully right out of the box and provides a soft buttery feel while maintaining a healthy snap. 
  • Coated with a True Linen B9 Finish so the cards glide and spread consistently and effortlessly.


Luxury Tuck Case

  • A classy yet understated tuck case design concept.
  • Premium paper stock, multi color foil stamping, embossing, inner tuck foiling, and a custom seal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Isaiah Furuiye

Amazing cards, absolutely love them, got some for my friend as well. Super trippy to look at, Love it!

Advait Wudali (Cranford, US)
Very Good

Cards are very light and easy to do flourishes with and the illusion of the wave is quite impressive.


The cards are super thin, but 100% manageable, I feel like I'm handling 52 sheets of paper, and that's fine. The design is super cool too, I love this deck.

Evan Flores (Canyon Country, US)
Really good

Really cool cards

Adrián G (Guadalajara, MX)

The design is very cool, and the one way feature es well done, easy to locate if you know what to look for.

Joseph Schifilliti (North Charleston, US)
i have been waiting for these!

Work for the tricks I am most interested in perfroming at this time.

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