Sucker Punch


As many magicians know, coin gaffs can take traditional coin magic to extreme levels, yet they traditionally come with a hefty price tag. Mark Southworth took the best of the best in coin gaffs and infused them into a custom set of poker chips for a fraction of the cost. Sucker Punch is more than just a high quality yet inexpensive alternative to traditional coin gaffs. Within this single box is a sleek and elegant fourteen-piece poker chip set that empowers you to create an endless array of miracles like you would with any of those four hundred dollar sets of coin gaffs. Vanishes, productions, color changes, transpositions, and penetrations, just about any trick you've ever wanted to perform with coins, are all within the fistful of impossibilities that you can perform with Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch boldly solves a problem that has plagued copper and silver coin routines - contrast. Compared to their coin counterparts, the marked contrast and larger size of the red and blue poker chips is far more striking and visible to larger audiences, making this the perfect tool for any magician looking to hit an audience hard with copper and silver coin magic.

And just to get you started, Eric Jones offers his coin mastery to teach you six uber-visual yet practical effects that you can perform with the Sucker Punch set. Eric guides you through the nuances and intricacies of Sucker Punch in an hour long detailed online instruction. Whether you're a first time novice or well-versed master, Eric Jones will inspire you to take the work included with Sucker Punch and combine it with routines that you may already perform to make this all your own.

Sucker Punch includes:

  • 3 Fly - A classic 3 fly routine
  • Sun & Moon - A copper/silver coin routine adapted for the Sucker Punch set
  • Circular Change - A simple yet beautiful color change
  • In the Hands Change - A poker chip transposition that happens in the spectator's hand
  • Trinity - A very clean production and vanish of three poker chips
  • Through - A poker chip through glass penetration that you have to see to believe
  • Fourteen-piece poker chip set - you'll have to find this one out for yourself!

No matter your skill level, you'll be sure to catch them off-guard with Sucker Punch

"The poker chip through table is real magic."
- Akira Fuji

"Sucker Punch is a real world answer for those who want to perform gaffed coin magic for a fraction of the cost of traditional coin sets."
- Eric Jones

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Ryan Mossakowski (Carmel, US)

This is the second time I have purchased this trick because the first one I lost one poker chip and love the effect that I bought it again. Solid trick!

Yusuf Khan (Auburn, US)

Fun to perform, still a bit rusty but this is so fun to practice and show people. I perfected some routines and they fry some people’s brains.

S.P. (Chandler, US)

I know there have been some negative reviews on this product on some other sites, but I was interested in the gimmicks and how they worked. I can say that this product looks good and is quality made. I think that many in this field have too high expectations. I have never had any problems with this effect. It looks good close up and with a bit of practice is a great lead in to coin magic, if you so desire. This is also well taught and fun to perform. I would highly recommend this for anyone interested in poker chip or coin magic.

Andrew Deel (Oklahoma City, US)

Wish there were more tricks taught with the other gimmick in the set besides 1 but it’s alright. Other than that pretty solid set but will say that because of how the chips are made the graphic can sometimes bubble up so you need to fix it if it happens to you.

Scott Runyan (Hurst, US)
Still learning

Really great quality still working on the tricks. They are taking longer then I thought, but this is my first dive into coin magic.

Thomas Reitmeyer (Highland Park, US)

Super fun! Super cool routines, very well taught, Eric Jones is a bada**!!

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