Method 01



(Pronounced- [wuht])


Imagine having the ability to cause any freely named card, or any two-digit number impossibly appear blistered on your fingertips.

Method 01 is magic's most innovative blister effect. Method 01 is based on the original blister effect published by Jack Kent Tillar back in 1972. Calen has created a revolutionary redesign of the blister effect.

Method 01 is a secret weapon that 'hides in plain sight' so you can do all the dirty work right under your spectator's noses. This invisible index gives you the freedom of choice without the hassle of difficult misdirection.

Since the handling is built into the routine, there is no fumbling. You start clean when you begin, and you end clean when you reveal the thought-of card or number. There are no unnecessary moves, and Calen's carefully written presentation covers all the bases.

Apply Method 01 onto your favorite playing card box and smile as it disappears into your box design. Even place the card box directly in your spectator's hand - they won't feel a thing.

It's designed be an everyday carry - and takes up virtually no extra space in your pocket.

Method 01 gives you the power to perform the blister effect with confidence, and get those drop-dead reactions you've always wanted. It's so incredibly simple, you'll be performing it just minutes after receiving your gimmick.

  • No Forces - any card or any 2 digit number.
  • Easy to perform - The moves are effortless and invisible.
  • Camouflaged gimmick allows it to hide in plain site!
  • Everyday carry.
  • Instant reset.
  • No pocket work.
  • The precision-made device will last for years.
Method 01 includes an instruction video and precision-made device

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anthony Jordan (Methuen, US)
Worth it

This trick is very powerful and surprisingly easy to do I love this! It’s definitely worth the buy. My one problem with this is opening it. The gimmick is fragile and it’s really hard to take off the plastic coating, it’s easy to break while opening. I personally think it would be better if it was coating like when you open an IPhone, the plastic wrapping is much easier to take off with that. But besides that I love using this and I see myself using this often. Overall great trick

Thanks for the great review

Hassan Alqanber (Cleveland, US)

Its really powerful trick to preform

Thank you so much for your purchase and review

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