The Dead Man's Deck: Unharmed Edition

When Vanishing Inc. first released the "Dead Man's Deck", it almost immediately became one of their fastest-selling decks of cards ever. Beyond its stunning design, this deck had one of the most unique features ever integrated into a custom deck of cards. Inspired by the story of Wild Bill Hickock, who was shot dead during a poker game in the late 1800's, the "Dead Man's Deck" came with a replica musket ball piercing right through the center of the cards. While this unusual oddity was beloved by collectors, it also made the cards fairly impractical for magicians and, ironically, poker players.

After receiving countless requests for a "hole-less version", Vanishing Inc. is thrilled to introduce the "Dead Man's Deck: Unharmed Edition". With the exception of not including a bullet hole, every aspect of this amazing deck of cards has been beautifully customized in the same way as the original. It has been carefully aged to resemble the playing cards used during the era of Wild Bill Hickock. The "Dead Man's Hand" (Aces over Eights) that Wild Bill was rumored to be holding at the time of his death has also been splattered with blood to commemorate this fateful day.

Manufactured by Cartamundi on premium Slimline B9 stock, the "Dead Man's Deck: Unharmed Edition" is now the perfect way to infuse a touch of history into any gambling routine or liven up your favorite card trick or cardistry flourish.

Customer Reviews

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j. (Toronto, CA)
Great deck!

Good quality and fair shipping

Timothy Powell (Phoenix, US)

The cards have a beautiful replication of that historic old west feel, and the backing of the cards is one of my favorites I've collected so far.

Albert L (New York, US)
Pretty good artifice.

I'm pleased that the Dead Man's deck has been re-issued without that unconvincing bullet hole, which was the reason why I wasn't interested in the original edition. I like the historical styling of the graphic design very much. The simulation of aged stock feels inevitably contrived only because the cards cannot be two things at once. This attempt at a distressed effect is much more successful than many other similar attempts.

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