Tally-Ho Masterclass

We have built upon our Tally-Ho deck in a new way, while still maintaining its essence. And we think you will be pleased with the results: Tally-Ho Masterclass.

Studying a craft and learning the disciplines needed to execute an art takes time. Developing new techniques while maintaining its integrity. Fine-tuning details that have defined a genre. It takes time to create something new, but still classic. Something unique, but still familiar. Gamblers Warehouse in collaboration with Pablo from 4pm Designs is proud to present the beginning of our Masterclass.

Developing a new style to the already well-known Tally-Ho brand. Incorporating minor elements from the original Tally-Ho releases and presenting a respectable design that elevates the art of playing cards.

Deck Features:

- 56 fully custom playing cards
- Matte finish tuck box
- Silver foil printing on box
- Silver foil stamp seal
- 2 Jokers
- 2 Gaff cards
- Chrome Black Edition Limited to 2500 decks
- Chrome White Edition Limited to 1000 decks

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brown (Whitesville, US)

solid deck

John Roberts (Chicago, US)
Masterclass black

Really love these. Great design

Kyle (Somerset, US)
Masterclass White

So I ordered two packs and both packs came in with crushed corners on the tuck case. Was super disappointed, so I sent them an email stating what happened and they sent me two new ones!

It might sound corny but that's real customer service right there.

The cards are ok, two gaffs, nothing outstanding but the crushed stock feels really nice and smooth. The tuck case is absolutely beautiful. I'd buy them again just because they're limited edition.

Tomas Figura (Bratislava, SK)

Too great to open :)

Blayne Vilandre (Bellingham, US)

These cards are elegant and easy to use. The only problem I have is the blank cards is completely blank. All the other card have designs on the faces that go to the edge of the card. They should've put the same design on the blank card and left off the pips.

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