Xiaoshuai is a famous Chinese cartoonist, designer, and magician. His comic strip, "MAGICIAN NO.2", is popular all over China.

The Surprise Deck series (gray) and (yellow), designed by Xiaoshuai, sold like hotcakes in the Asian card market. This time, the Surprise Deck V3 was born. The V3 deck retains the classic back design but uses rose pink, a smooth and bright color, to represent the rose. Rose pink is an eye-catching but soft color, creating a dreamy atmosphere and reminding people of a fascinating rose scent. The Surprise Deck V3, then, offers a historic collision with nobility and cuteness.

When you get this deck, you will be deeply impressed by Xiaoshuai's talents. Not only are the suits redefined, but the Face card is redesigned as well. Some Easter eggs and lots of details are hidden in the cards.

The Surprise Deck V3 uses the Magic finish to make it smooth -- easy to create magic and cardistry in your hands.

As the most popular work of the Bacon Playing Card Company, the Surprise Deck Series V3 will be an atomic bomb in the card world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The Magic Assistant (Calgary, CA)
So so cute

I love this deck, its adorable, and while you may not be looking for the cute factor, it also handles well.

Ray G (Minneapolis, US)
Great Deck

Handles great & love all the hidden touches in all the court cards & Jokers.

Cool! Thanks Ray

Nathaniel R (Santa Fe, US)
Cute & charming design

Great deck, the Magic finish makes it very soft without making it slip all over the place. Feels like it has a durable core, not unlike the bicycle "Bee" club special deck. Can bend and spring and return to a flat form easily.

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