Shadow Masters

Shadow Masters are the third wonder in the Bicycle Masters Series. 
The theme promotes darkness and shadow. Handling the deck, you now know what it is to have efficient, quality tools in your hands and use thick, luxury stock. 

The finish is time tested classic glide and durability of the USPC air-cushion finish. Black ink gives way to the dusky, faded approach on the artwork.

One Joker holds the sands of time, but this changes to a three of diamonds reveal in the other Joker’s hands. One “extra card" is double backed as a gift from to our card-worker friends.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jesus Hernandez (Phoenix, US)
Awesome Artwork

These cards have a unique artwork style to them, which I love. They feel amazing, you can pull off almost any trick with these. One downside in my opinion is that i wish they did more work on the box, it seemed plain. All in all a good price for a good quality deck of cards.

Awesome, thanks a lot Jesus

Elizabeth Jones (Wilmington, US)
Great service

Cards got there in a good amount of time and cards in perfect conditions. Would gladly buy again.

Awesome! Happy to hear that the package arrived safely :)

Teng Wei Ye (Bandar Seri Begawan, BN)
Great deck

received in perfect condition, cards feel and look great. As expected of bicycle

Jonah Gonzalez (San Pedro, US)

Bicycle is very consistent with their card quality and this deck is certainly no exception. Out of all the Bicycle decks, this easily falls at second best, right below the black tiger deck.

Tony S (Beverly Hills, US)
The best of the dark decks

I've been a FAN of these since i first bought in 2010! I have an invisible version and love to deck switch with these after a performance. These cards have a beautiful design that encompasses magical darkness with just enough color to be happily curious. They dont instantly seem like a trick deck to people like some other cards. I love cards haha

Keegan Ramirez (Fort Worth, US)
Great looking cards

I love the design of the cards and great to handle!

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