LIMITED EDITION: Only 1000 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

About the cards:

This is the second deck of playing cards produced by Grace & Gentle, designed by Lunzi, and collaborated with TCC Playing Cards Co. Printed by USPCC on high quality paper with crushed stock, which gives the deck a thin, light, and smooth handling. Only 1000 decks were printed, and only 760 will be available on Kickstarter.

Lines, perspectives and shadows, what will be the result of combining these basic elements of graphic designs?

Lunzi gives an answer with a stretch of lines and extensions in all directions, showing the personality and commonality in elegant life - elegant and absurd.

The tuck case is similar to the back design of the cards, which consists of shadows and lines. On the front is the name of the card, Sensory, and with the phrase, "Limited Edition". The black card box is gradually blackened from the center, and the side looks clean and mysterious.

Sensory Playing Cards is a graphic design made up of lines and shadows. The four Aces are decorated with lines. All the pips are redesigned and rearranged, and every single cards is unique. The court cards use the same presentation as the back of the card, depicting the scene of inspiration. The design of the whole deck conveys the understanding and thinking of the space.

Customer Reviews

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Catherine Holmes (Erie, US)
Visually stimulating! Exceptional quality!

My son is learning magic and “cardistry” and loves these cards! I thought they were a little pricy until I shopped for higher end cards at places like target, Walgreens, etc. These are worth the extra few dollars.

You said it! Definitely worth the extra few dollars when you're buying top quality cards.

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