Rockets are a taste of nostalgia. A deck of cards born from a world of pure imagination.
Styled from the famous frozen treat, Rockets look just as tasty in your hand.

The back design is simple, imperfect and fun. Adding boldness back into your card handling. Lines seem to connect during cardistry moves, creating more daring visuals with little effort.

Each pip and court card is turned up, with brighter, more radiant colors that accentuate every spin, flick or twirl.

The tuck is a classic matte finish featuring a rocket lolly flying through space, while the inside is extensively printed with a universe worth exploring. 

Magician's rejoice! Each deck of rockets comes with a duplicate 9 of spades and a double backer. Perfect for adding a new flavour to your card magic straight out of the box. 

Open an adventure. 


Customer Reviews

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The Bomb....Pop

So, I bought one deck to practice with, and a second I could perform with once summer hits. These cards are amazing! The back design is slightly 'off', which is on purpose, and makes the cards really POP!! They handle really well. I was able to spring these right out of the box like butter.

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