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HS (Austin, US)
Pretty and Functional

I really like the simplicity of this deck - the ring reminds me of the movie Arrival, or a coffee cup ring. Great for game play, easy to read, appealing to look at. Not a deck you'd buy for cardistry, but a great addition to a collection of cool playing cards

WC (Torrance, US)
Beautiful Cards That You Can Actually Use

I love the aesthetic of these cards. The painted circle is a beautiful design and it is used to great effect on the back of the cards and for the ace of spades and the jokers. The faces are standard, but the color pallet - black, gray, with a little dark red - makes the red really pop out. The cards handle nicely and the stock seems to be thinner than a standard Bicycle deck. They are a little on the stiff side coming out of the box, but that of course goes away with use. There is a two back-sided add card with an alternate color for the second back. I would guess that a magician would know how to use this card. The simplicity of the cards make them usable for cardistry and I would assume magic which is not always the case for premium decks. So, why not 5 stars? First of all, the borders on the back are a little on the wide side and a little uneven, so they are mostly what you see when you fan the cards. Also, the tuck case is a solid gray with the painted circle embossed into the case, which is consistent with the aesthetic of the design, but just a little too plain in my view. Finally, the one of the two jokers is just a little too busy with the Galaxy name and arcs of the painted circle in the corners. It looks like a throwaway add card, actually. All that said, I will probably buy more of these cards, because I love the look so much.

Wow, what an amazing review.. thanks so much WC.

DM (Lexington Park, US)
Too Clean

Very nice and clean designs on everything. They look and feel great for flourishing but you almost feel bad for using them.

Don't feel bad.. you can always get more ;)