Rhombus Space

The inspiration for this new deck's design comes from the glamorous effects generated by looking up to the sky through a crystal.

As a result, blue cherry red and purple have been chosen as the major colors. The image of the sky also plays an important role in the pattern.

A rhombus composed by the pattern is seen on every card face. The colors are displayed in a progressive method that beautifully intensifies the visual effect. There is only one word to express this feeling -- stunning!

Spades are depicted in a remarkable dark purple color. Diamonds, too, in a more progressive manner. We always love purple, as it is elegant and mysterious.

I believe, as I'm sure you will, that Rhombus Space Playing Cards is certainly a collector's piece -- the amazing color combinations are absolutely stunning and stand out in the best way.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Danilo Tabatini (São Bernardo do Campo, BR)

Crazy design! Amazing for fans and flourishes. Really helping me work on my cardistry

Benjamin Knight (Ballwin, US)
Wonderfully Unique

The back design is gorgeous AND subtle. The custom pips and Roman Numerals make this deck another eye-catcher. I absolutely love carrying this deck for both cardistry and sleights. Great feel!

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