Red Pill



Red Pill (Download)


Everything happens in their hands and in their minds!

Two effects straight from Chris Ramsay's personal working repertoire, this is something he's been using to book himself countless corporate/private events. An interactive routine which guarantees a personal connection with your audience.


Two decks are presented to two spectators. One open pack of blue cards and one sealed deck of red ones. The sealed deck is placed within one of the spectators hands, the other spectator selects a card from the open pack, moments later the selected card has now vanished from the open pack and impossibly appears inside the cellophane of the sealed deck!


Imagine showing a spectator a sealed deck of cards, placing it between their hands and having them think of a playing card. Now imagine that the card they just thought of is now impossibly trapped and sealed inside the cellophane which has never left their hands! The best part is, everything is fully examinable and they can decide to tear it open to find out how it was done, or keep it sealed as an impossible souvenir!

  • Full length performances and instruction
  • Bonus (visual) handling
  • Download only: Gimmick assembly required
  • Bonus: cold read Script

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Customer Reviews

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Chris P. (San Jose, US)
Red Pill is a killer

As others have said, it will take practice and no small amount of arts and crafts construction to be ready to perform, but it will blow minds. I've been a fan and follower of Chris Ramsay for years, and I like how he thinks and performs, and this is another of his effects that I plan to put into my rotation. Totally worth the cost at twice the price!

Fahim Rahman (Lafayette, US)
Good deal

It's a good deal but it does require some work and extra items.

Nicholas U (Tønsberg, NO)
The Red Pill

The video was good, but i think that all the stuff should be include in the pack. Like the cards and the tools as was needed to do the trick.

Shankar Tangirala (Fremont, US)

Red Pill

Heath Aldrich (St Louis, US)
Red Pill is a brilliant trick, not to be ignored

I got this trick a few months back, and I finally got to use it the other day, and it completely delighted my friend. It has to be practiced a lot to get the reaction you want, but it is totally worth the effort. This also has a considerable amount of DIY work to be done, so do not buy this expecting it to be an out of the box miracle. For $20, this will be a showstopper for you for years.

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