Queen Bee


The Queen Bee is the matriarch of the hive. Worshipped by the entire colony and fiercely protected.

After making hugely popular Killer Bee and Super Bee designs in the past, we knew there was only one more level that remained unexplored... The revered monarch herself - the Queen Bee.

Unlike the Killer and Super Bee decks, which feature a faint white halo around the deck's edge - Queen Bees have no border. The Queens spill over the edge in their glorious abundance.

Printed by Cartamundi on E7 card stock.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Donovan Fair (Cornelius, US)
Not bad, not great

The case was slightly damaged upon arrival (deck was fine). Deck handles smooth but wasn’t in love with the design. Overall, I’m still happy to have it in my collection.

J. (Minnesota City, US)
Tuck was damaged. No cellophane.

There were several areas of the tuck case which were abraded (not sure if this happened during shipping or while in storage at the supplier) and caused the black coloring on the tuck case to rub off/smear onto the yellow portions of the tuck. I wanted to have this deck in my display, but might not based on its condition. I think this deck usually comes in an oversized branded pouch, but this one was not. No exterior cellophane wrap to protect the tuck.

Brandon Roy (Halifax, CA)
Slick deck

This deck finished my collection of the Killer bees and super bees. Fine stock , fans great.

BronsoM (Auckland, NZ)
Great Card Quality

Great card quality, little thinner stock than most other USPCC cards out there but still great standard quality

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