Pearl is inspired by the beauty of nature. There are two versions of Pearl Playing Cards: Sunrise and Sunset. They complement each other. 

As "Impression, Sunrise" is a famous painting of the impressionism master Monet, the Pearl Deck reminds us of the same style. That's why these decks are named Pearl Playing Cards: SUNRISE, and Pearl Playing Cards: SUNSET. These cards show a vivid color combination of Mother Nature with the impressionism theme. It's a varied version of SUNRISE

It took more than one year to prepare this Pearl project, to perfect the final result. Repeatedly testing various aspects of Pearl, such as paper stocks for the tuck box, color rendering of designs, metallic inks, and finish of the cards. All these make Pearl one of a kind. The tuck box is made of specially imported paper stock, which shines like a real pearl. For Sunrise, the tuck box is gold foiled, and gold and bright red metallic inks are applied on the face of the cards. On the other hand, for Sunset, the tuck box is bronze foiled, and bronze and dark red metallic inks are applied. 

Besides the difference of color rendering, the touches of the cards are different, too. Sunrise is made with Magic Finish, which makes the cards more slippery and shining, and easy to fan. Sunset is made with Royal Finish, which is less slippery and more suitable to apply fan powder. Each has its merit, so it depends on what sleight or flourish you want to work on. 

Artwork by Toomas Pintson, an Estonian card flourisher, and multimedia designer. He has designed several custom decks like Gemini Casino, Big Boy No.1, Mondrian, and Mako. All of them are so hot that they are out of stock now. Printed in Taiwan by Hanson Chien Production Company. Limited to 5000 decks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brendan B (Trabuco Canyon, US)
Pearl sunset

These cards have a great design. They are perfect for cardisty because they aren’t very slippery. They fan and spread decent. Not great for magic because they are kinda think and not very soft

Dennis Hicks (Atlanta, US)

Handle beautifully, and look great in flourishes. Highly recommend.

Bradley Macvittie (Arlington, US)

They feel awesome. Design is beautiful. Highly recommend

Jared Harris
Beautiful cards

These are some of the most gorgeous cards I've ever gotten my hands on and they feel just as nice. The only problem is that I don't like how the design just stops at the border. I wish the design went all the way to make the game look even better.

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