Memento Mori


Stemming from the medieval Latin theory and practice of reflection on mortality, it has been a ubiquitous part of human culture for centuries. From the philosophical to the artistic, the fascination, fear and appreciation of death has consistently captivated and cultivated our imagination. Many practitioners of this theory kept with them, artifacts or keepsakes which served as a reminder that the only thing certain in life, was death. Many of these items were often objects (watches, necklaces) in the shape of skulls.

The low-poly design represents a simplistic one. The bare "bones" of 3D creation and graphic art, the first steps of animation can be interpreted as the beginning of 'virtual' life. 

Many historians believe that playing cards represented a deeper, esoteric meaning, that each suit was one of the four seasons. Each card within a suit was one of the thirteen phases of the moon. The fifty-two cards in a deck would represent the fifty-two weeks of the year and together, this would represent just one year of your life.

A constant reminder of our fleeting time on earth.    



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Memento mori

Very good deck I love it


Love these cards!


Memento Mori

Memento Mori

I love the cards. I can use it to the things that I want to use cards for. :)

Awesome cards, slight border issues

These cards are great. They're not too stiff, shuffle easily, and slide against one another well. I don't do any card magic, so I can't comment on their usefulness for that, though I do do card flourishes, and so far they have held up nice. The white with the multicolored geometric skulls looks great while doing flourishes. However, some of the cards aren't cut evenly, as in the borders are not even on every card. It's not highly visible unless you are inspecting the cards, but it is noticeable, and presumably could raise some questions during magic tricks. I had a friend ask me if they were a marked deck during a game of poker, and it took some convincing to persuade him otherwise. Otherwise, great deck with great looks.

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