Matcha Boba


Picture this: it's a hot summer day. You're walking around town and you stop by a bubble tea store. You order your go-to, a matcha bubble tea. With your first sip, the bittersweet coldness of matcha hits and you feel instantly refreshed. Then, a wave of summer nostalgia washes over you and you wish that you could share this feeling with your friends.

Guess what? Now you can! With our Matcha Boba Playing Cards, you can enjoy deliciously thirst-quenching fun with your friends together anywhere at any time! Whether you're at the park, the beach, or over at a friend's place with the A/C blasting, bring a deck of Matcha Boba Playing Cards to help you take on the heat this summer!

  • Limited edition of 3500 decks
  • Includes a clear protective case on top of the tuck box.
  • Two way back design.
  • Custom Aces, Jokers, Court cards, number cards, and pips.
  • Includes a double back card.
  • Printed by the United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC) with AIR CUSHION finish on BEE CASINO GRADE PAPER, CRUSHED.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Customer (Chicago, US)
Crazy bruh

The Packaging looks really nice and the custom pips and indices look really nice.

Anonymous (Santa Ana, US)
Best Cards ever

Love the design and feels very smooth when performing cardistry and fans.

Braden Williamson (Tulsa, US)
Just as awesome as the first

Both this version and the original boba cards are among my favorite cards, the way the pips resemble tapioca pearls in boba while you fan a shuffled deck is great, the plastic sleeve that acts like a "cup" for the "boba" (the actual card box) five stars

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