Marksman Deck


Magicians have used marked decks for centuries to fool even the most astute audiences. Luke Jermay's Marksman Deck builds on classic marking systems, with additional secret marks that open up a whole range of new tricks and possibilities. While the deck can be used for your own marked deck routines, Luke also teaches five of his own semi-automatic tricks:

  • Three Tests of Intuition
  • Dowsing
  • Card Peeks Routine
  • Card Calling
  • Card Memory
Includes a specially marked red Bicycle Mandolin deck and a 45-minute online instructions by Luke Jermay.

Usable for magicians but built particularly for mentalists, the Marksman Deck is jam-packed with information that allows you to do effects never before possible.

The marks allow you to:
  • Find the current card
  • Find the card above
  • Know the position of the card in the stack
  • Know how many cards are above it
  • Know how many red (and therefore also black) are above it
  • Know the combined total of all the card values above it
"Theodore De Land's Automatic Deck premiered in 1913 and has been a personal favorite for four decades. Leave it to Luke Jermay to modernize the best parts and then add actual improvements. The Marksman is an absolute bull's eye."
- Michael Weber

"The kind of effects one dreams of are now possible thanks to this utility prop. More proof that Luke is an exceedingly clever thinker and performer."
- Paul Wilson

"I've seen a lot of marked decks, but I think this must be one of the best ever designed. Jermay has not only done yeoman work in the design and placement of the various marks (which are pleasantly easy for the trained eye to read), but has added a number of unique marks designed especially for particular routines that otherwise would require a lot of difficult sleight of hand. The instructions come in the form of a DVD in which Jermay explains everything simply and clearly. I think the Marksman Deck is something you will actually use."
- Richard Kaufman

"With Jermay's Marksman Deck, you will hit the bull's eye and perform deadly routines. Its combined features make it the perfect weapon in your arsenal!"
- Vincent Hedan

"Over and over, the debate 'should a mentalist use playing cards?' pops up in threads among enthusiasts of the field. I personally never believed the premises of the question itself, but here is a most cogent answer in the form of a new, brilliant Jermay release. Luke took a classic idea and turned it into something that has so much more potential than anything similar yet available. More than a utility device, this is a fully engineered system waiting to be exploited by the savvy performer. A companion book, with thoroughly detailed routines and scripts, will guide you in discovering this most amazing advance in the art of demonstrating psychic miracles with just a deck of cards."
- Marco Fida

Add the Marksman Deck to your tools, and watch your mentalist abilities soar!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
D (Geneva, US)
So Much Information

The deck is great! It has a truckload of information on every card, and for what it does, it's pretty much flawless. The downside, is obviously the heavy markings. I think that anyone looking for markings will find them, so you might have to be a touch more judicious with these. It might not be the best tool for every job, but it is definitely perfect at what it's designed for, and worth the purchase.

francis SABATHIER (Avignon, FR)
Astonishing Marked Deck

Purely amazing !!! Worth a try. The video is tip top and Luke Jermain's explanations are spot on.
The ideas behind this marked deck are astonishing.
For me it's a nice discovery. Love it and many thanks to you: Master Luke Jermain.

Shannon Tuck (Goode, US)
Love this deck

Easy to use and no one can figure it out

Samuel Dupuis (Saint-Constant, CA)
Love the video

The guy that makes the vieeo is awesome and the deck is amazing

Edward Glass (Cleveland, US)
Can not get video?

Can not get video on lap top Can you help or sent video?

Edward, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page and we'll send you the video link.

Jason (Coventry, GB)
Great deck

Definitely worth the money great deck with loads kf uses. It is a heavily marked deck in that multiple markings give you loads of information however some people are not going to be good to use this deck with. My family know to look for markings so they are off the list however for off the cuff tricks its a winner

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