Luminosity (KSX)

LIMITED EDITION: Only 3700 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. Numbered custom seal.

Luminosity Playing Cards is a custom deck with a story. Created by Jody Eklund and written by Ricky Cassford. The deck reveals an allegory depicting the age-old conflict between good and evil. Visually inspired by Norse mythology, we have created a rich narrative representative of a deeper spiritual meaning that is brought to life through this set of unique and custom-illustrated playing cards.


The Lucent Lands were once a utopia of peace and power. Safe behind guarded borders, every creature that came out of the Cave of Creation lived in a haven of prosperity and wealth, provided by the eldest among them, Ahendhal. The kingdom of The Lucent Lands could not be overcome from beyond its borders, but that was before The Fracture that came from within. The Fracture split more than the kingdom, it divided families. As brother fought brother, reinforced by the armies of their respective houses, Ahendhal enslaved them both and banished the treacherous brother along with his faction into the lower part of the land, which to this day is called the Shadowlands. The Faction War raged on for nearly a century with no end in sight. Then a new creature came from the Cave of Creation, which changed the course of the Faction War. This creature was prized by Ahendhal as the pinnacle of creation, and was prophesied to rule over the factions. This enraged Kapshunis, the King of the Shadowlands, and inspired him to change his tactics to those of vindictiveness and malice toward Ahendhal's prize.

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Poker size
  • Air cushion embossed card finish
  • Premium Casino grade paper stock
  • 56 completely custom playing cards (each Court, Ace and Joker will have original illustrations)
  • Backs have 2 metallic copper inks
  • A soft-touch card stock will be used for the material
  • The tuck case will have strategic EMBOSSING
  • Unique tuck case designs for all editions
    STD: Copper metallic ink
    KSX: Blue metallic ink
    LUX: Black & silver metallic inks
    STD: No
    KSX: Yes
    LUX: Yes
    STD: Silver metallic ink as accents
    KSX: Copper metallic ink for pips and indices
    LUX: Copper metallic ink for pips and indices.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jackson (Derby, US)

I was waiting to get the chance to review this and I couldn’t wait. This deck like no other has one of the best intricate and story telling cards ever! If you look at the other reviews, I couldn’t say it better. This deck is really really a must have, I cannot express how much I love this deck, I loved it from the first sight and now it’s my 1st card deck ever and I’m happy to begin my card collection. This feels very nice, crafted well, and you can do anything from cardistry to magic but I recommend just as a good collectors deck to look at. Lovely deck overall, no matter how long I had this, it feels so fresh each time.

Thank you for your purchase and review Jackson.

Frederic Dagenais (Ottawa, CA)
A simple man with simple taste

I got these to add to my collection, so i will not open them to ruin them with my sweat ass hands. Great looking deck, looks just perfect to me in the wrapping still

Robert Gamble (Plymouth, US)
Gorgeous x2

So, I reviewed the Standard Edition Luminosity deck first. Which is why I put a x2 after the Review Title. Starting with the tuck case, the dark blue background with thicker embossing of a gold lettering and symbols than the standard edition is much more attractive in my eyes. The patterning is still there but very muted so that the large symbol on the front dominates. Overall it is much more elegant looking than the standard edition. I prefer the cards to be nicer than or on par with the tuck case anyhow, and that is certainly the case here where the cards are equal partners. The back design is the same as the standard edition, but the complex pattern is in blue and silver which somehow reminds me of the Detroit Lions (this is a good thing in my book - great color scheme). The thick, darker blue lines do an even better job than for the standard edition's color scheme in making the cards look simpler than they are. Everything on the faces is custom, from the font to the drops from the suit and value in the corners, to the pips and courts. The faces are subtly different from the standard edition. Spades and clubs are in gold rather than black. My major complaint from the standard edition, a pattern that interfered with the value of the cards, are completely gone here and it makes the faces much cleaner looking. The fonts are different as well. The suit symbols below the value are a touch small as well, especially for older eyes like mine. The aces and courts are simply beautiful and anything I wrote about them wouldn't do them justices unless I used the necessary 1000 words per picture. They handle as expected for a card deck printed by the USPCC. While I wished for a 4.5 rating for the standard edition, I have no qualms about giving these a full 5 out of 5.

Awesome review, thanks a lot Robert.

Mark (Dallas, US)


Thank you so much for your purchase and review.

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