The Dead Man's Deck


In 1876 legendary cowboy and gambler Wild Bill Hickok was playing cards in Deadwood, Dakota Territory. He was shot in the back before he could play his hand... and legend has it that he held Aces and Eights: The Dead Man's Hand.

We celebrate the legacy of Wild Bill Hickok and the gambling lore of the Wild West with The Dead Man's Deck. This beautiful deck is filled with details surrounding Wild Bill and his storied past. The deck's design is true to the time period, with an ornate, grey pattern and old-style faces. And of course, the Aces and Eights are, well, bloody.

The defining feature of this deck, though, is that it has a bullet hole shot right through the middle of it, along with a commemorative musket ball lodged in the hole. Every deck comes with this musket ball and a scorched bullet hole through the entire deck.

Printed by the Expert Playing Card Company. Featuring a custom seal.


Customer Reviews

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Didn't receive the deck

This deck didn't came within the package.
I contacted the support talking about this deck missing in the package delivered to me, and I am waiting for an answer.

I was really excited with getting this deck and I am really sad that the shop committed this mistake.

Hi Daniel, apologies for the mistake with your order, we have received your message and we are investigating.
So Cool

I bought a couple of these decks as gifts for my dad and brother for Christmas, although they did not arrive in time they were blown away by how awesome these cards are..Very Cool

Thanks Josh, sorry they didn't arrive before Christmas, but glad to hear you're loving the cards.
Nice cards

Liked the cards, but i think i would perfere a deck without the hole in the middle

So good

So unique, so good, so so good

Thanks Angus

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