The Dead Man's Deck



In 1876 legendary cowboy and gambler Wild Bill Hickok was playing cards in Deadwood, Dakota Territory. He was shot in the back before he could play his hand... and legend has it that he held Aces and Eights: The Dead Man's Hand.

We celebrate the legacy of Wild Bill Hickok and the gambling lore of the Wild West with The Dead Man's Deck. This beautiful deck is filled with details surrounding Wild Bill and his storied past. The deck's design is true to the time period, with an ornate, grey pattern and old-style faces. And of course, the Aces and Eights are, well, bloody.

The defining feature of this deck, though, is that it has a bullet hole shot right through the middle of it, along with a commemorative musket ball lodged in the hole. Every deck comes with this musket ball and a scorched bullet hole through the entire deck.

Printed by the Expert Playing Card Company. Featuring a custom seal.

Customer Reviews

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Scott Post (Grand Rapids, US)
Dead Man’s Hand Cards

Very unique item with a great backstory. Good quality as well.

Mackenzie Gruhlke (Johnston, US)

I LOVE these cards! The combination of uniqueness, durability, quality, and history of these cards blows my mind. They’re smooth, strong and gorgeous. The detail on all the cards, especially the aces and eights is incredible, with ‘burn’ marks around the hole in the middle and blood splatters. It even comes with a shotgun ‘bullet’!! These cards are amazing and by far the best deck I’ve ever gotten!

Collin F. (Catoosa, US)
Exceeded Expectations

Considering they have a hole in the middle, these cards handle and feel amazing, and with some nice details on them as well, like the burn around said hole in them, and the "bullet" in them, it's such a fun sight to see decks that put these little details and novelties in them!

scrom m (Las Vegas, US)


Nicole N. (Billings, US)

Really awesome and beautiful cards!

Peter James (Ottawa, CA)
Eights and aces

Love the deck with the old worn look. And the King Arthur court cards are nice, for an old time deck. Also the blood splotches on some of the other cards are not overdone !! All in all I like this old west deck !!

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