False Anchors 2

Ryan Schlutz is back with the second iteration of False Anchors Playing Cards. The brand new nautical back design pays homage to the classic Bicycle style, giving the cards a familiar feeling from the first time you use them.

The Ace of Spades and matching Jokers have also been customized, giving the cards an extra touch of class. We've left the rest of the faces untouched, matching standard Bicycle faces, so you can make use of the gimmicks you already own. We've even included two mis-indexed cards for monte routines along with a double-faced Joker/Ace.

The US Playing Card company makes all our decks, right here in the USA. Printed on durable and flexible Classic Stock with Magic Finish, the combo gives an unrivaled luxurious feel straight from the box.

We've paid a lot of attention to details we're sure you'll appreciate. Many additional secrets lie within each pack, waiting to be discovered! Start your journey today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
George Zajacek (Easton, US)
First impression: Just purchased I’ll check back

Really nice look to the design handle like a new deck so far I love ‘em. I’ll check back if there’s a change lol

Benjamin Wheeler (Erie, US)

I am in love with design of these cards! Great for any magician.

Brian Povar (Brooklyn, US)

Great back design and beautiful colour.

Dylan Jan McCurdy (Kanata, CA)
Love the design

Handles pretty good , but the colour and design are great .

Luke Fortunato (New York, US)
Boring but good prrice

handle ok but they are just a boring deck. but the price is pretty good

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