Butterfly (Black and Gold)


The Black and Gold edition features shiny gold foil on all of the court cards, the Ace of Spades, one of the two jokers and of course, the back design. All four aces have large custom centre pips in the theme of the floral back design.

Gilded edges! A gilt card is a beautiful card. But it's well known that gilding interferes with how cards feel and the smoothness of fanning.

With the help of Cartamundi, we are working with gild specialists in France whose work not only protects the quality of the cards, but enhances the pack's magical features, and defends against humidity and hand moisture that so often weakens un-gilt cards along their vulnerable edges.

The marked edition contains 54 cards, a double-backer, and an instructional card which explains the marking systems.

The unmarked edition contains 54 cards and a blank face card.

All Butterfly Playing Cards Black decks are printed by Cartamundi on Slimline card stock with the True Linen B9 finish.

What is the difference between the marked and unmarked cards?

The marked Butterfly deck will empower you to perform miracles not possible with any other deck of cards in the world. So if this is your goal, go for marked.

If you're looking for luxurious cards to play card games with, the marked cards would not be suitable, so go for unmarked.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tad Thornton (Fort Collins, US)

You have to see and hold these to really understand how nice they are. Works of art IMO and they came from 52Kards very quickly!

Jason (St. Petersburg, US)
Even more beautiful IRL

I've wanted these cards for ages, and they're even more stunning than they look in pictures. The shipping was also ridiculously fast.

Alexander Burch (Chicopee, US)

These are probably my favorite of the butterfly black series. The gold really pops out, and if you're looking for a deck that screams luxury, look no further!

Anonymous (Kuwait City, KW)

This deck is beyond beautiful WOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!

Brian Chhuon (Brooks, CA)

Didn't know how nice unboxing a deck could be. Felt like I was opening something that IS truly special love these cards !!!

Christopher Morgan (Russellville, US)
Best gilded deck ever..

I bought the Jerry's nugget gilded deck and opened it and it handles like crap. I thought the gilded butterfly deck would feel the same. but when I opened the butterfly deck it was beautiful and fanned like a new deck of bikes. truly the diff between Jerry's making a cheap gilded deck and butterfly playing cards making a work of art the looks amazing and feels amazing in the hands. Well worth the $30. I'm writing this review just to save 10% for when I purchase the silver gilded butterfly and the black edged playing cards now.

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