King and Legacy



Many years ago, it was said that when kings died, they didn't abandon their villages, their walls or their empires. There was something left in them that continued to fight for their people. In this way, their people could continue living in harmony, peace and equality.

King and Legacy: Gold Edition Playing Cards, printed by US Playing Cards, has 52 inhabitants of the city of dreams, of ambitions and future promises.

Nowadays, everything we do leaves a footprint in the world.
And the only thing that stays in our memory is what we do with our heart. Sometimes the moments that DON'T happen are the most important.

Life is a collection of nonexistent memories waiting to be created.

It is for that reason that I do not want you to feel my presence - instead, I want you to feel my absence when I am no longer here. Remember the gold metallic ink on the tuck and cards as they flicker in the sun. Embrace the sensual feel of the embossed tuck.

And hopefully every time you open the doors of this box and rediscover what is inside, you'll forget your problems and transport yourself to your best thoughts and highest highs.
And that you remember me. And you feel me close to you.

That is my dream.
The legacy of a King. My legacy.

  • King and Legacy: Gold Edition Playing Cards - the cards are marked to give you unlimited possibilities
  • COMPLETELY customized (pips, court cards... the ENTIRE deck)
  • Printed by The US Playing Card Company
  • Designed by Destino
  • Presented by Julio Montoro

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael Dow (Lewiston, US)
Alright for the Price

These cards are all right, but don’t seem a whole lot better than a regular deck of Bicycles. The back design wasn’t something that seemed to work and the marking system is pretty obvious, but I really like all the Aces.

Kevin Snyder (Minneapolis, US)
Simple as.

It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Forrest Upchurch (Cleveland, US)
Great product!

Easy to read and well hidden marks.

Justin Hazell (Guelph, CA)
High Class

Very smooth, nice styling - love the artwork.

J David Arcuri (Palm Coast, US)
Classy and Elegant!

The detail of the back design is intricate and beautiful. I love the stylized court cards. The deck feels like silk across my fingers. I love this deck!

Douglas Schofield (Fort McMurray, CA)
Favourite Deck

My favourite deck ! So far, nice to pull this deck this deck out and have people go where did you get those ? And say 52Kards !!

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