Joker and the Thief


The original Joker and the Thief Playing Cards design returns for a third and final instalment. Now dressed in a handsome blood red colorway and peppered with lavish gold foil.

Complete with a stunning tuck box, a striking seal, metallic inks, charismatic face cards, and an iconic Ace of Spades. The Blood Red Edition brings the original deck's mythology full circle.

First there was the darkness. Contrasting this, our second deck came from the light. Now we present the blood that ties each character in our symbolic tale together.

Created with a durable premium casino grade stock and coupled with Classic finish. Encapsulating this Blood Red Edition is a tuck box composed of luxurious imported red dyed paper. Hot stamped with dazzling gold foil. Heavily embossed, then capped with a gorgeous perforated seal.

Made in the U.S.A.


Customer Reviews

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A simple man with simple taste

Some people laughing at me for collection card decks, but then I pull this one out and i'm capable of gaining every ones respect as the alpha guy now. sweet cards

Gorgeous and Ultra Smooth!

I purchased the gold version of this deck, and it is even more beautiful than I expected. The stock is first-class, and they handle like a dream. The artwork is stunning. This has become my all-time favorite Cartomancy deck.

Beautiful deck, so glad you love them.

Love them

Glad to hear it, thank your for your purchase and review.
Incredible detail

The detail on the tuck case as well as the cards itself are amazing. Highly recommend!

Quality cards at a price

The first thing you will ask yourself is why am I paying a premium for a box of cards. But even before you touch the cards, you will know why. The box itself is well crafted and thought of .I love the different elements incorporated in the design. Opening the box confirms your purchase. These cards feel great, and handles well. You know you aren't going to use this cards to throw around but you can appreciate that they are made well. A quality product. Well, at a price of course.

Hot Stuff! Please read...

These cards have great artwork and a brilliant one way design on the back of the cards. The faces on the cards have kind of a "Pirates of the Caribbean" font that looks like pieces have been "chipped" and the core cards are custom and attractive. I love the way these cards feel and I adore the way they look. ALSO, the BOX is just GREAT! You may think I am overreacting, but as soon as these cards arrive at your doorstep, take a moment to appreciate the tuck. GREAT cards, GREAT box, NO complaints. ;)

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