Instant Noodles

When you think of delicious and convenient comfort food, instant noodles often come to mind. Instant noodles have been a long staple for many people, and with this deck's nostalgic design, it's sure to remind you of the delicious simplicity of instant noodles.

  • Custom resealable plastic packaging as well as a custom box design
  • Custom back design, semi-custom court cards, and custom Jokers
  • Seasoning cards as well as seasoning stickers
The Instant Noodles Playing Cards are printed by the USPCC on AIR CUSHION Finish with the BEE CASINO GRADE PAPER, CRUSHED.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
P.H. (Frisco, US)

At first I honestly thought the cards would be gimmicky and low quality but after playing around with them and getting a feel these cards are insanely nice. The packaging is iconic and definitely adds that little extra that gives the cards a unique flair.

Manny (San Francisco, US)
High tier

Absolutely amazing material and cool packaging with the zip lock bag it comes with. The instant noodles design is nice

Drake Don (Springtown, US)
Good cards

I love the cards but the card box is SO cheap it’s got ripped almost immediately b it still nice cards 4 stars

Charles Ray (Atlanta, US)

Feel great and look spectacular (and yummy)

Noelle (Champaign, US)
Love These

I love the look of these cards so much. Even just the packaging itself is a work of art. Definitely might be buying another few decks for future use.

Paul Stanton (Washago, CA)
Best Price

The deck had a great price compared to other outlets. Unless you backed the kickstarter , this is your best deal.
The cards feel amazing , as they are USPCC.

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