Infinity Deck


The Infinity Deck: A Revolution in Magic and Mentalism

"The Infinity Deck is a full show in your pocket! It will allow you to perform magic and mentalism to an all-new level. Incredible revelation, mind reading and powerful magic always ready to go! This is a deck with infinite possibilities."


"This deck is phenomenal, the ideas & routines supplied are MINDBLOWING in fact this deck ALONE could be your WHOLE close-up act!"


"Infinity Deck is a Swiss Army knife for astounding magic. The built-in features and mind-blowing effects are truly staggering. It is appropriately named Infinity as that is the rating I would give it."




A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma... The Infinity Deck.

On the surface, a simple collection of pictures but bubbling underneath is a powerful deck of cards that entwines secrets with mysterious principles. Craig Petty & Lloyd Barnes officially team up for their very first release together! Widely recognized as two of the most creative magicians alive today, they bring you a barn burner ground-breaking new project that will rattle the very belief systems of your audience.

With The Infinity Deck you can perform over 20 impossible tricks straight out of the box... but due to the deck's open nature, you will be inspired to create infinite amounts of your own brand new and unique magic tricks!

Included Routines 

  • Instantly tell a spectator what picture they are imagining.
  • Four participants each shuffle a pile of cards and think of ANY card in their hand. The magician can name all four different cards... he can even be out of the room!
  • Take half of the deck and have THE AUDIENCE shuffle them face up into face down. From one side, they create the name of a playing card, from the other, a number. A regular deck of cards, that's been in full view is opened and dealt down by the audience... the exact card is at the exact number!
  • A pile of cards is shuffled multiple times and laid face up by the audience. They appear to be ordinary pictures on the cards until you point out that the images are homonyms and all of the cards in order spell out a phrase... that is a printed prediction that's been written on the box from the very beginning!
  • And More!


  • Designed by Phill Smith
  • Genius fully marked system.
  • Marked in stack order.
  • 25 cards hide the Koran Principle in plain sight.
  • Inspired by real decks of improv aid cards.
  • 10 homonym cards.
  • 17 "random cards" that can be used to make multiple playing card values and numbers.

As you've come to expect from any Craig or Lloyd project, The Infinity Deck tutorial is 6 hours long and contains so much more valuable information than just the 20 trick explanations.

If you've ever checked out either of their works before or this is your first foray into magic, the Infinity Deck really does have something for everyone. It's perfect for beginners and professionals as the majority of the tricks are almost self-working yet get reactions that are normally reserved for only the very best professional magicians.

One Deck of Cards. Two Prolific Minds. Infinite Mystery.

Customer Reviews

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George Zajacek (Easton, US)

After the other reviews I do not have much to add.
The ideas are genius for another entirely different reason. Eventually this concept will jump to other deck classics and really open up the this genre to new heights.

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