What is an ICON?

Maybe it's something simple. An app on your phone. A picture.

Maybe it's something more. A symbol. A metaphor. An inspiration.

We all have that person - someone that drives us to be the best we can be. They may be a friend or family member, but maybe it's someone you've never met. A celebrity. A CEO. An athlete.

No matter who your ICON is, no matter their background, they spark creativity in you. They spark a drive. A sense of motivation that no one else can.

Embedded within the ICON deck is a series of the simple things - graphics depicting seemingly random symbols. Looking deeper we find meaning within the symbols - peace, lust for wealth, creative inspiration. The ICON deck opens a door to creative expression. What was once seemingly random can be understood - by YOU.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jean T (Saint-Quirin, FR)
Lovely back design

Really love the back design. Nice and smooth cards.

Lance (Denver, US)
Great handling deck

If you're like me and love how the Cherry Casino cards handle, this should be the next deck you consider. Go read a positive review of those decks and you can just apply all of that to these Icons. Also, I really dig the back design!

Kyle Rose/ Carsforsale (Sioux Falls, US)
Great Deck!

Happy to add these to my collection!

Benjamin (Florissant, US)
True Icons

I really like the way this deck looks AND feels. People always ask me where they can get this deck. The design is simple, but complicated at the same time. The iconoflauge has been done really well, and the spacing is perfect. Great for magic, and card games!

Len Strom (Fort Walton Beach, US)
Icon Deck

Enjoy the feel of the deck. Great for Cardistry!

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