Holographic Legal Tender

Legal Tender brilliantly amplifies the truly beautiful artwork that has been present on our U.S. currency for many years in a new and captivating form.

Breathtaking artwork combined with industry-leading advancements in printing technology and production, creates the perfect balance between classic banknote engraving and the modern sleekness of high tech banknote manufacturing in the Legal Tender Holographic Edition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Roman (La Vista, US)
Amazing value

Probably the most impressive deck I've purchased so far in this price range. Worth it just for the artwork on each card.

M.M. (Council Bluffs, US)

In the sun they just steal the eyes of everyone. They are simply amazing.

J. Hudson (Brandon, US)

I just started collecting cards again. This is by far one of the MOST artistic decks I’ve put in my hands. The work that went into illustrating these is second to none. Jackson Robinson is beyond talented. Everyone should own a few of these. Just realize it’s going to be a bit thicker because of the kind of printing required to achieve this style of deck, so it handles differently. I can’t recommend Legal Tender enough.

Anonymous (Detroit, US)
Great cards

Great design, great artwork. Foil looks amazing

M.M. (Council Bluffs, US)

The maker(s) must've been listening to Rihanna, these cards really know how to shine like a diamond. Ofcourse in (direct) sunlight they shine the best, but even in the dark they are beautiful and still shine. they can chip on the edges with normal play quite fast. 4 matches with 2 persons each like 15-20 minutes. and 7 cards had chipped. We both love and collect cards and know, how to handle them and practice cardistry, so u get my point. With all of that stil nothing major and u can fix everything with just correcting them with another card!

M.M. (Council Bluffs, US)
They steal every eye.

Beautifull cards. very smooth. Tend to chip
quite fast on the edges with normal play, but nothing major.

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