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A FIRST EVER IN MODERN PLAYING CARDS - LIMITED EDITION! Playing Card Legend De'vo is literally changing the game!

Years in the making, this AMAZING all-new elegant deck is a 100% custom, from the pips, numbers, to the incredible hand drawn Courts! There are other pretty decks out there, but this is no ordinary deck of playing cards. What makes this deck different from every other deck in the world is that De'vo is introducing a fourth Court card -- The Princess Courts. These additional 4 court cards can be used in a variety of ways, or you can simply choose to use them as Jokers or not at all. This is a GAME CHANGER!

Imagine being able to play poker with 4 Court cards, or changing your existing games to feature a Princess instead of a Jack! You can even have the women rule - Queen, Princess and Jack instead of the traditional King/Queen/Jack.

The back design is simple, elegant, but STUNNING by itself or in fans. Isolated pips and interior changes allow for faster card recognition. Also because the interior color-changes are in the center, they do not affect the colors of the cards when fanned. This deck is perfect for card collectors, Poker players, magicians and card manipulation experts alike!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Josh Bowers (Johnson City, US)
Love the extra face card!

Good quality deck with excellent art. The extra Princess rank is also a great edition, and can't wait to get some more use out of these fantastic cards!

Mohamed Bsoul (Tel Aviv, IL)

It’s the best , good quality also.

Brandon Fry (Akron, US)
Loved it!

Great deck, performs very well and looks awesome! Loved the custom artwork on the cards. Every card has a neat design, not just the court cards like most decks. Between awesome artwork and great functionality, I would highly recommend!

Thank you so much for your purchase and review

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