Flash Deck Switch 2.0


*Note: this is the second and improved version of flash deck switch. This gimmick comes in Bicycle Red Tuck Box. *

Have you mastered the art of performing a range of effects with one deck? Or are you a novice amazed by how a single deck can be used in various ways? Whether you are a beginner or expert, imagine how much more fascinating it would be to manipulate two decks at the same time right under your spectators' noses. There you will have an infinite amount of effects you can fool the audience with and no one will notice that you were switching between two decks repeatedly the whole time.

The Flash Deck Switch allows for a smooth and seamless switch between any two decks of your choice, while the gimmick hides in plain sight, completely undetectable. Imagine performing miracles with a gaff deck, and at the end of your routine, silently switch it for an ordinary pack of cards. Your spectators will inevitably marvel at how you managed to perform such amazing feats with just a regular deck.

Accompanying the Flash Deck Switch comes an exclusive 60 minute tutorial from Shin Lim, where he will discuss different routines and sleights. He also teaches you to modify your already existing gimmick to make it accompany any custom deck of cards(besides the classic bicycle design) and how to perform various tricks by handling your decks differently.

The Flash Deck Switch, created by Shin Lim and Rich Piccone, is one of the cleanest and best deck switching devices out there -- and its finally ready to be yours soon!



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Thomas Holko (Mineral Ridge, US)

Poorly made but good effect


Poorly made and hard to handle but great effect

daniel Nguyen (Sugar Land, US)
The gimmick was pretty tricky

When I tried to practice or use the gimmick it would sometimes won't colaborate to I'm doing.

Carola S (Lima, PE)
Did not like it

I don't think I'll ever use it

Matthew Walls (Montgomery, US)

This deck switch gimmick is the best I've seen. I can't wait to perform using this brilliant rendition of the switch. Plus, it can last essentially forever.

Daniel Zhang (Clarksville, US)
Good trick

Requires a good amount of practoce but can be applied to many scenarios as needed. Given gimmick was not amazing, however video gives instructions on how to create another one.

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