LIMITED EDITION: Only 500 printed for each color! Will NOT be reprinted.

Magicians never like people to touch their cards. That's because there are too many secrets in their cards....

This is why Don't Touch My Card (DTMC Playing Cards) has this name.

The face of each card is totally customized. There is a big cross on the back of each card, which means "DON'T TOUCH."
  • Great paper quality
  • Looks very cool
  • Convex feeling customized tuck box
  • A bonus for magicians: a reversed 7 of Hearts (only in the red-backed deck), secret marking system (first try to find it by yourself), extra Jokers and blank-face cards (only in the black-backed deck)
  • Great for magic and flourishes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dorian Klass (Sykesville, US)
They were out of black

Over all great cards but I'll have to get black ones another time.

Hillary Bennett (Jenkintown, US)
Fantastic Deck!

Everything about this deck is great: it’s funny, it’s clever, creative, and very sneaky. Great secret that’s not so secret which makes every move in your hands that much better. It’s a must have for magicians and collectors, I’m not sure cardists would pick it as their top choice, but the feel of the cards is great for fans and springs, and it’s great for any moves stealthy hands might want to pull. I love this deck. I also love the little jokes on the courts and aces that poke fun at the card holder, but also make it clear: no really, don’t touch my cards! Which, let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to say (or maybe have said very clearly and loudly once or twice by accident before developing an internal monologue...)
Can’t say enough good things about this deck. It’s great, it feels great, looks great, and reasonably priced for everything you get in a beautifully clever deck like this. Alright, what are you waiting for? Go pick up a deck! Then the cards do the talking: lay off the deck, alright?!! :)

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