Disparos - Spanish for 'shots' is how tequila should be consumed.

Taking inspiration from the vaqueros and gunslingers of the Mexican old west, the tequila deck is blackened piece of history.

As the stand-out deck of the prohibition series, Disparos is back with re-modelled sugar skulls, duelling pistols and custom everything.

The tuck box twists and turns through a desert of abandoned skulls and the guns that put them there. Salted with a silver foil finish... like the cold, unrepenting steel of a .44 magnum.

Dusted with the details of a vast Mexican culture, it's the kind of deck you'd expect to find laying around on a three-legged wooden table, stained from the drinks of last nights card game.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chris (Edson, CA)
Good/interesting cards!

I liked these cards a lot, good feel, and great art work

Jim Schuessler (Overland Park, US)
Spectacular artwork

Impressive all around. They feel broken in and handle extremely well. Spectacular artwork on the tuck case, pips, and custom courts.

Awesome! Thanks Jim

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