Magic, mentalism & playing card collecting are underground passions.

It's very unlikely that your neighbor will know magic, or collect custom decks too.

That's why we live our lives online. In a frantic search to find like-minded souls... to find our people.

The Discord Deck is a celebration of those common ideas coming together to form an alliance. A community.

The tuck box is a premium matte finish and features curious iconography that only you will fully understand.

As well as gorgeous inside-tuck printing. I mean, c'mon... This would make insane wallpaper.

The back design is unrestrained and free-spirited. A nod to the new wave magicians that are ditching the rabbits and top hats for a more modern take on magic.

The deck itself features fully custom faces, including courts and Aces.

With the Ace of Hearts & the Ace of Diamonds paying homage to the Greek Gods (JT Chalatsis & Perseus Arkomanis) that set up our Ellusionist Discord server

The pips themselves are battle-worn and show depth. Everything in this deck was hand-painted by Oban Jones and only dragged into digitization to be able to print it.

Shhh! For magicians, the deck features one duplicate Queen of Hearts and a handy double-backer for effortless switches and concealments

Get your Discord Deck today. #LoveLiveTheDiscord

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
E.C. (Temecula, US)
Awesome Cards

I love these cards! They feel great and handle really well. As always, they came quickly and without a problem.

Terry Buczkowski (Jacksonville, US)
Discord Skulls

Again, the packaging is the very best I get from any vendor.

1. The shrink wrap is loose and sloppy. No way to open this deck from the bottom.
2. Putting a seal on the box itself would allow for 'unopened' tricks. I can't do any of them with this deck.
3. Classic Bicycle feel and handling.
4. The two-tone box design is very unique
5. The card backs are extremely detailed with an abundance of spiritual symbols that match the overall theme.
6. Nice double backer gaff card
7. Cool design on the Jokers

Overall I give this deck an 8.0 out of 10

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