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Steve Daley (Bangor, US)
Fine Deck of Cards, but Shipping Times Discouraging

These were purchased as a gift. The purchase was made and verified on 11/30/20, but the deck of cards did not arrive until 12/21/20, and it didn't get shipped until 12/16/20. 21 days for shipping a deck of cards that was in stock seems excessive even in the challenging year we have had. The person who received them as a gift loved the deck and enjoyed their quality. I have no concerns with the quality of this product, but I struggle to recommend 52 Kards because of the long shipping times. The order came from California, so the 5 days it took to travel across the US is acceptable, but the processing of the order seems to be where things were held up. It would be risky to order a gift for someone expecting that it would come within a week to 10 days only to have it show up after the holiday or birthday. Additionally, I ended up paying almost the cost of the deck of cards for the 21 days it took to ship the item. At more than $13 for a deck of cards including the shipping, it is hard to justify that cost for such a long wait. Since I would normally use 52 Kards for gifts for the card sharks in my circle of friends and family, I will probably pass on ordering again unless I learn that their shipping times have decreased significantly.

Hi Steve,

I'm so sorry that you had to wait longer than expected for your order to arrive.

Unfortunately we experienced some significant delays during our Black Friday promotional period; this was caused by an unexpectedly high number of orders (1200% above normal) and we were also forced to reduce the amount of staff in our warehouse due to Covid restrictions.

We have learned a lot from this experience, and I can assure you that delays of this nature will not happen again.

Thank you for reaching out, and I'm glad you love the cards.

Abdullah Alrashed (Kuwait City, KW)
fan of Derren Brown

Elegant tuck box .. love it

Giorgio Piratoni
beautiful card

Although the covid the order has arrived after 4 weeks in Europe as established. Nice.

NatNat1975 (Española, US)
Beautiful Deck

A beautifully designed deck. The tuck resembles a book. The cards feel great. If there are any secrets within, I haven't found them yet. But, come-on! This is Derren we're talking about!

Cruizer (Auckland, NZ)
Great cards

Love the detail involved

Kevin M (Hampton, US)
These are some Lookers.

Elegant tuck case that resembles a book. Gilded on one side to look like pages while the front is made to look like a title. The back design is extremely intricate and shows what the cards look like. Big fan of the Aces and the king's, and the Darren Joker is pretty amusing as well. Great finish to the cards and they handle really well for tricks. Overall a pretty good deck for the price. I only got the single deck, however, not the deluxe.

Thanks for the awesome review Kevin.