At the beginning of the summer, lace comes to our sight with sweet and attractive gestures, adding a romantic and charming color to the summer night. It is said that girls have begun to be charming because they have lace dreams. Then, women's dreams and men's dreams are also intertwined in this mysterious lace, entangled in life.

Lace is a noble symbol. It became a pastime for European ladies in the 16th and 17th centuries. Lace was originally obtained by twisting yarns and later evolved into a core for weaving. Since complex processes can only be hand-woven, a less complex pattern needs to be completed by a skilled female worker for a month or more. Because the technique of knitting is different from person to person, lace works are generally done by one person independently. So, each lace is unique. Therefore, the lace, known as the "high-priced fabric," was originally affordable only by royalty, dignitaries and religious figures.

The exquisite craftsmanship of this haute couture was from the original hand-woven mesh lace to the embellishment of the clothing, and to the see-through fabric evolving to the gorgeous and sexy style. In short, lace is no longer a simple clothing decoration. It has its own character and has become a sweet fragrance for women in summer.

Dentelle means lace in French, and it is also a sexy deck created by BOCOPO. This deck of cards inherits the craftsmanship of European lace craftsmen, and we can see it in appearance. When you get the deck, you can easily find that the tuck case is covered with a shell of hollow craft lace.

Through the hollow out of the leaf, we can peek into the fascinating painting color on the tuck of the deck, as if the 19th-century people returned to the peak of the aesthetics of the handicraft paintings. Above is the work name, Dentelle, with luxury at your fingertips.

In fact, this deck was born with a strong French aristocratic style. When the designer of BOCOPO was looking for inspiration in the Louvre, he was inspired by classical and elegant oil paintings. He started to conceive the back design of the card.

After taking out the cards, we can see that the designer's bold color and the USPCC's air cushion finish seem to form a magical combination of craftsmanship, just like a painting on the card.

The symmetrical pattern of dots and lines is actually a metaphor for lace. Whether it is embellished or dressed, as long as the lace decoration effect is properly applied, the woman's fragrance will be blooming on this hot summer day.

On the ad card, the designer also hand-painted lace on the bottom of the card in which the oil painting becomes the base, and once again, highlights the wonderful luxury.

The court card aspect still relies on the hollowing technique and the base layer of the oil painting to form a perspective effect, but there are also some visual impressions of the beauty poster.

The Ace of Spades is again hand-painted by the designer of BOCOPO. The main body of Spade is the butterfly's wings in lace. The background color is burr-shaped. In fact, the designer hopes to use this frame to express the old time of the oil painting and the fashion of lace. The mysterious chemistry formed by the combination of these reminds people of the romantic feelings of the Victorian period.

When it comes to the Joker, it keeps up with the trend. Looking at these two Joker cards, it was like walking to the T stage of Paris Fashion Week.

Dentelle is a new art work that is relatively rare in BOCOPO's previous work. It involves a lot of female elements that do not simply refer to some pink and cute animals, but from deeper levels. From this point of view, the card is infused with a noble soul at your fingertips. Dentelle is not just an attitude, it is a kind of spirit.

Dentelle Playing Cards is limited to 2500 decks. No REPRINTS. Dentelle satisfies all requirements for quality: printed by USPCC, classic stock selected, and air-cushion finish, all of which will make you feel the beauty and texture of life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tim Chia (Singapore, SG)
dentelle review

amazing colors and feels! a must have for card collectors.

David Stokarski (Frankford, US)
Not Bad

These cards look amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like they didn’t feel right. As opposed to some cards that just feel like butter, these didn’t hit that level for me. The edges were a little rigid and to be honest, they started clumping not too long in. It could just be me, but they’re not my cards. I prefer the NOCs.

Dean Delaney (Dublin, IE)
Still Have not received

Ordered 3 decks of cards on 25th of March still haven't received them nearly two months later, apparently still in customs, I honestly wouldn't bother ordering anything until the corona virus is over, you'll just be left disappointed and waiting

Hi Dean, I have contacted USPS about this and I will follow up with you as soon as I can.

Brandy Roberts (Denham Springs, US)

Lovely color palette and styling. I purchase these for my husband for a traditional "lace" 13th anniversary gift.

Brandy.. that's so cool!! Happy anniversary from all of us at 52Kards.

Phlow Jaxx (Fayette, US)
Manipulating Consolations

Normally, when considering a purchase to add to my collection, I ask myself "do I need this deck" "how will this deck make my collection look as a whole". It took me no time to pull the trigger on the Dentelle deck, especially for the price 52Kards offer them at. The theme, the color pallet used all over the deck and tuck case itself make this piece a very welcoming addition to my other decks. The cards are thin and spring flawlessly. Every single card from Jokers, to Aces, to Courts, even the indices are all custom. Performing cardistry with the backs facing the camera or spectators look as though youre manipulating consolations in the sky. This deck is definitely one of favorites when it comes to handling and looks. I'd recommend these cards for cardistry and collecting. Not so much for magic or playing games.

Daniel Masternak (Katowice, PL)

My best colors deck of cards. I love using this cards to flu’

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