Darkslide by Chris Ramsay


Chris Ramsay's latest heart-stopper has been flooring spectators with an incredibly open and fair card reversal. His newest creation, Darkslide, gives you the ability to visually reverse the spectator's selection, in an open display of a fully fanned deck, right in front of their eyes, with nothing more than the flick of your finger. Most card reversals involve some sort of knuckle busting move, however Darkslide takes away all the hard work and allows you to perform such a feat with a simple gesture.

The plot is simple and powerful. They select their card, it's placed into a fanned deck, with a quick drag of your finger, they see their card visually reverse itself.

- Included gimmick resets in seconds
- Super easy to learn & perform
- Simple online video instructions included

Customer Reviews

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Alex Dimotsis (Leeds, GB)

Excellent quality does what is intended what's more to say

Serena MacRoberts (Charlotte, US)

My husband has been wanting this ever since he saw the advertisement for it, so I bought it for him for his birthday. He was thrilled to try it out! He watched the video and within minutes of trying the gimmick, it broke ... Now he's bummed out and I am disappointed for him. He wanted me to add that it is extremely delicate.
I don't know what to rate this because it broke before he could use it. He also has been doing slight of hand for awhile, so he is not new to handling gimmicks and cards.

Michael Variny (Lake Villa, US)
Great product!

Bought this to perform on friends and at parties, works amazing!

Andrew Stacey (Mountain Home, US)
One of the best effects I own

This effect is one of the best I own. It looks great, gets fantastic reactions and is easy to do. As it is a great effect, it still comes with cons. You have to apply a lot of pressure for the gimmick to work, you can't do it in a lot of light and it makes a lot of sounds due to the flap.

Thank you for your purchase and review.

Suzanne Cummings (Newmarket, CA)

My son is a huge fan of Ramsay. He hasn’t got it yet since it’s a gift but just the look of it is impressive.

That's awesome! Thanks Suzanne, hope he enjoys it.

Thomas Rivera (Oceanside, US)

This product was a very nice concept bu when I got the product it was faulty. However the customer support was amazing and really helped me solve my problems.

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