Copag 310 Stripper

Imagine this: the spectator selects a card of their choice - ANY card. It is shuffled back into the deck fairly, with multiple shuffles. Nevertheless, the magician is able to INSTANTLY pull that exact card out of the deck - totally baffling! This is just ONE of the many possibilities available to you with the COPAG 310 Stripper Playing Cards.

A stripper deck (also known as a tapered deck, wizard deck, or biseauté deck) allows the magician to control the main location of a card or group of cards easily within the pack. Even after being shuffled into the deck by a spectator, the magician can cut to or pull out a selected card. Similarly, even after being lost in different parts of the deck, the magician can move multiple cards to specific locations using basic shuffles. Unlike the invisible or Svengali deck, the COPAG 310 Stripper Playing Cards can be handled by an audience member.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robert Kirkner (Clermont, US)
Rock solid deck.

Love these cards, the B9 finish is incredible!

Sweet! Thanks Robert

Jireh Climaco (Edmonton, CA)
Best stripper deck i've owned

First of all i love the B9 finish! And the stripper design is great and easy to use.

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