COBRA Playing Cards

COBRA is illustrated by the supremely talented Rick Davidson. It was inspired by some of our favorite decks, including DMC's Elites and the industry-changing Monarchs deck from theory11.

It is housed in a gorgeous, soft touch burgundy 330gsm tuck box complete with gold foil COBRA logo and detailing. Traditional faces and numbers, coupled with gold metallic inks on the courts and backs, make COBRA Playing Cards a premium deck made to be used. For magicians, the deck includes a blank face card and a double backer.

Printed using Cartamundi's B9 Cardistry stock (incredibly, it improves with each release!). It has a lovely soft feel and finish, yet is very durable.

Customer Reviews

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Good cards

They feel great

Beautiful and delicate

The cards are fantastic out of the box (if you can manage to get them out.. they are packaged pretty tight in the tuck) Cards feel and handle excellent, nice soft edges and a unique sound when performing a spring. Just what ever you do do not drop them on concrete as I did trying to pull them out of that damned tuck case. The card edges were completely ruined to the point where a far was virtually impossible and only damaged the edges further. So, all in all real nice cards and I will buy them again, just keep in mind that overall durability may be lacking compared to the tried and trusted USPCC cards.

Fantastic Deck

I ordered these after seeing a review by Chris Ramsay and I have to say that they did not disappoint. I love this deck. It's sleek and simple design is pleasing to the eye and they handle wonderfully. Has to be my favorite deck at the moment.

Not what I thought

These cards do have a neat design, but it isn't what I thought. Only the Ace of Spades and Jokers have the cobra design...

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