Cherry Casino (Monte Carlo)


Black and gold are the quintessential colors of luxury and style.
Hit the jackpot with the Cherry Casino (Monte Carlo Black and Gold) Playing Cards.

Join James Bond, elite magicians and cardists worldwide who make the Cherry Casino (Monte Carlo Black and Gold) their everyday carry... But those that use these Cherry Casino (Monte Carlo Back and Gold) are ANYTHING but ordinary.

The incredible gold ink cherries reflect your confidence. Your style. Your swagger.
Dressed in black, ready for a night out. The thin crushed Bee stock of the cards, printed by US Playing Card Company feels incredible in your hands.

What else would you expect from the world's most spectacular gambling den?
You can almost hear the flick of the cards against the felt table, and the familiar ring of a slot machine jackpot nearby.

  • Gold Ink Cherries
  • Printed by US Playing Card Company
  • Thin Crushed Bee stock
  • Double Back gaff
  • Blank face gaff
  • Designed by Sam Devins and Derek McKee


There are three versions of this deck:


Standard Edition: excellent card quality at an affordable price. We have plenty of these in stock.

Limited Edition: Only 2,500 of these decks exists. Each deck is labled with a custom serialized seal.

Gilded Limited Edition: Only 144 of these decks exist. Each deck has Gilded edges and is labeld with a custom serialized seal.



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jordan (Toledo, US)

Absolutely happy with my purchase along with the free gift that came along with it. Thank you

Ray G (Baltimore, US)
Classy playing cards!

Def my favorite Cherry Casino deck out of the lineup. The black & metallic gold ink combo looks great. One of the best all around decks in my opinion.

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