Cherry Casino (Flamingo Quartz)

The Cherry Casino Playing Card line is a tribute to the rebels, the innovators and ANYONE who knows what they want.

Cherry Casino Flamingo Quartz (Pink) Playing Cards are a beautiful addition to any cardist, magician or gambler's collection. The indescribable metallic mauve pink, is nostalgic of the 50's; yet perfectly modern as it plays off the iconic red cherry back design.

Flamingos are known around the world symbolling luxury, grace and confidence. Whether you are on the casino floor, or front of an audience of thousands; with Cherry Casino Flamingo Quartz (Pink) Playing Cards in hand, you feel calm. READY.

Every calculated move is smooth, elegant...easy...with the thin but snappy crushed Bee stock from U.S. Playing Card Company.

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Crushed Bee stock
  • 2 gaff cards
  • Quintessential Cherry themed Jokers and Ace of Spades
  • Produced by Pure Imagination Projects
  • Designed by Sam Devins


Sin City LIMITED EDITION: Only 576 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

Bringing back the edge to Cherry Playing Cards.The bordered tuck pays homage to the original V1 Cherry Casino Playing Card decks, and vintage Las Vegas casino playing cards.

Be one of the FEW that can truly complete their Cherry Playing Card collection with the extremely LIMITED Sin City Cherry Casino (Flamingo Quartz) Playing Cards deck.


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
All around great!

These cards are definitely worth the buy. Very good feel and fantastic look. One of my favourite cards. Also the shipping had no issues. Already have another order placed for more cards!

One of the best cards

I really love the design and the feeling procured by Cherry Casino. Always with a stunning ink, one of my favorite decks so far ! A Cherry Casino addict haha

Total crush.

My fetish for Cherry Casino cards will eventually cause me to get their every edition. The design and color palette invoke an extremely iconic casino culture. I really appreciate the perfect standardness of the cards while they are printed on luxurious stock in luxurious metallic inks. So perfectly sharp and simple, yet very evocative. I am totally overthrown by how effectively these decks convince me that I am recalling a world that is actually an artistic fabrication.



Another great Cherry Casino deck!

When I bought this deck, I was a bit unsure of the colour, not being a huge fan of pink. But I still got this deck and another one to finally own all of them (except the Tahoe Blue House Edition). When I received my order, I took a look at the cards and absolutely loved them! The colour's really nice and they handle very well, like all the other Cherry Casino decks. For anyone looking to get a great looking deck and/or a deck that handles well, this one's for you!


Second favorite out of all the cherrys (behind Tahoe blues) and it made 2nd because the secret order the cards came in🙏🏼 If you know you know😉😉

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