Bicycle Insignia Back

After 130 years, the classic Bicycle playing card gets a modern, sophisticated, and fresh look and feel.

A custom deck of playing cards featuring the iconic Bicycle logo. Printed by The US Playing Card Company on a crushed classic stock.

Includes a 26-minute download of Brent Braun teaching 4 tricks with the included gaffs. Bicycle Insignia Back is the first custom deck of playing cards from The Magic Firm. Printed by the US Playing Card Company, the Insignia Back Deck embodies a timeless feel. The iconic Bicycle logo adorns the card backs in a classic casino-style placement, creating a simple elegance that makes a bold statement.


The recognizability of the bicycle logo makes these cards perfectly suited for game night with friends, fantastic for magicians, and stunning for cardistry.


Insignia Backs are printed on a crushed classic stock with an embossed, air-cushion "magic finish" to give a premium feel and handling. No matter what the application, Insignia Backs are designed to deliver the goods night after night.
  • Standard faces
  • 2 Jokers
  • 1 duplicate white backed 2 of Hearts
  • 1 custom box front gaff
  • 35-minute video of Brent Braun teaching 4 tricks with the included gaffs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cory (Greenwood, US)
Awesome shop!

Great site, will buy from time and time again. Thank you!

Randall Cabana (Spokane, US)
Another Bicycle quality cards.

Simple put another quality product from Bicycle. I love the look and feel of the cards. I’m still breaking it in but this is quickly becoming one of my favorite pack of cards.

Mr. M - Shenzhen Magician (Qalali, BH)
Best of Bicycle- Insignia back

lovely cards, nicely pressed and they feel premium, way better than both rider back & standard. Bought them during salss so at $4 per pack I'd say it's excellent price for premium cards, go Insignia.

C (Hayward, US)

Nice deck

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